Em sites, o diabo está nos detalhes

Você recebe um e-mail de uma empresa que quer falar com você sobre negócios, entra no site da empresa, vai no sobre para saber quem são os caras e dá de frente com a foto abaixo:


O que há de errado? 🙂

Nota posterior: Veja meu chat surreal com eles:


Pingjam: Hello

Pingjam: How can I help you today?

→You have a problem at page http://pingjam.com/about/

Pingjam: I will ask our web team to take a look at it. What is the problem you are seeing?

→the picture

→there’s toilette paper over the table.

Pingjam: LOL

→That’s bad for business. My boss saw it and gave up using your services.

Pingjam: Really? Because one of our programmers had a cold?

→The main usage of toilette paper is not for colds

→I was just giving one feedback.

Pingjam: 🙂 Thanks. Summer is starting here and we’ll take a new photo of the office.

Pingjam: Can I help you with anything else?

Pingjam: Wait, wait!

Pingjam: My co-worker just fixed the photo, can you reload he about page and tell me what you think?

→That’s better. 🙂


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