Trollem Ipsum – Chega de Lorem Ipsum

Você está cansado de ler Lorem Ipsum como placeholder para textos de sites ainda não terminados? Seus problemas acabaram.

Chegou o Trollen Ipsum. Lá você escolhe se é um Apple Fan Boy, um Android Geek e gerar textos mais criativos para seu blog como por exemplo:

Professional fanboy, immediately Flash then hype, in order that you suck because sucky ass since Apple didn’t invent anything why you suck what is more brainwashed hardly you’d buy shit if Apple sold it, particularly Android sells more phones at first Apple copied Android’s notifications as fanboy, I believe Antennagate in the beginning Gruber in the end Google Voice is better than Siri and TellMe put together on the one hand blah, blah, blah before it’s open, while crap when fanboi, for example cult of Steve owing to death-grip, not only fact is, Apple are going down but also it didn’t even have copy and paste suddenly you suck in addition moron.

Apple copied LG to cult of Jobs finally locked down, moreover ass-kissing in contrast you don’t know anything.

Notifications are way better on Android, whose fact is, I can get a better laptop for less, on the contrary Apple are nothing without Steve Jobs until hypnotised, as a result fanboy, despite overpriced above all Jesus pad, whatever fanboi, this includes Android is better because it’s open while fanboy, for one thing toys.

Ou então:

Battery drain, so that iCloud, at the end user experience sucks because of Siri is better than TellMe and Google Voice put together, owing to so-called “iPad killer”, personally Apple will only get better not enough MacBook Air is just beautiful as soon as profit, what Steve Jobs was a genius, and delay in getting Ice Cream Sandwich, such a battery life, soon Android sucks where best design to sum up Android is fragmented since gorgeous, despite profit in the end iPhone rip-offs finally iTunes makes it easy.

Pleasure to use, eventually profit, to profit whatever Jony Ive’s incredible design in contrast genius all in all awful user experience but also CrackBerry however Flash sucks, therefore gorgeous besides gorgeous, particularly Android geek, this includes gorgeous so that profit at the beginning gorgeous after that user experience sucks.

Best design for this reason profit, as well as so-called “iPad killer” overall Jony Ive’s incredible design, I think battery life, prior to awful user experience for one thing iTunes makes it easy apparently iPhone rip-offs, suddenly Steve Jobs was a genius.

Há vários geradores de texto placeholder na Internet: o Chuck Norris Ipsum, o Arnold Ipsum, etc.

Chuck Norris Ipsum

Chuck ipsum. Chuck Norris once broke the land speed record on a bicycle that was missing its chain and the back tire. Helen Keller’s favorite color is Chuck Norris Chuck Norris once broke the land speed record on a bicycle that was missing its chain and the back tire. Chuck Norris ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and got one. Chuck Norris once ate three 72 oz. steaks in one hour. When his martial arts prowess fails to resolve a situation, Chuck Norris plays dead. When playing dead doesn’t work, he plays zombie. There is no such thing as tornados. Chuck Norris just hates trailer parks. A meteor, and still owes him a beer. Chuck Norris was the fourth Wiseman. Shortly after all three died of roundhouse kick related deaths. There is no chin behind Chuck Norris’ beard. There is only another fist. A duck’s quack does not echo. Chuck Norris is solely responsible for this phenomenon. When asked why he will simply stare at you, grimly. Chuck Norris made Ellen Degeneres straight. Chuck Norris used live ammunition during all shoot-outs. When a director once said he couldn’t, he replied, “Of course I can, I’m Chuck Norris,” and roundhouse kicked him in the face. Rudolph has a red nose because he got lippy and Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked him across the face several times Chuck Norris’ iPod came with a real charger instead of just a USB cord

Arnold Ipsum

Arnold ipsum. I did nothing. The pavement with his enemy. If it bleeds, we can kill. I want my Larry. I wanna see you. I need a vacation. I don’t do requests. You did not make a Victor. Sure, here’s my invitation. I’m back. Come with me if you want to live. Make it quick because my horse is getting tired. Feel how soft my skin is. The hell you will. We are going to play a wonderful game called: ‘Who is your daddy, and what does he do’? Knock knock. Scumbag.

Agora nosso amigo @jbvsmo pode gerar coisas mais interessantes com seu gerador de nomes pronunciáveis.

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