Ideia genial: licença ABRMS

A ideia é muito boa e sou grato a meu amigo Diego por tê-la compartilhado no Facebook.

Um cara lançou um assembler para o 6502 no github, até aí nada demais, e colocou uma licença diferente que ele denominou com o acrônimo ABRMS: Anyone but Richard M. Stallman (já falamos dele aqui).

A licença pode ser vista aqui:


Richard M Stallman (the guy behind GNU, etc.) may not make use of or
redistribute this program or any of its derivatives.

Obviamente os Minions Stallmicos começaram a patrulhar a rede criticando o criador desta licença. O autor coloca em seu blog a razão deste criativo modelo de licenciamento.

It’s not about hating free software. I’m a believer in that; I released my first game for free in 1982. Note that the github thing I put up is essentially totally free (something I would have been restricted from doing, by my employer, up to a year ago).

I have a personal dislike for RMS and I think that his philosophy of economy is at best naïve and dangerously unworkable. 25 years ago he was exhorting me to quit my job in protest to support some of his politics and he wasn’t pleasant about it. Thus, ABRMS.

If RMS really wants a miserable little 6502 assembler I can always amend the license. I’m not unreasonable. But he has to ask.


P.S.: Se alguém pode rivalizar com o Stallman, em termos de mala, é o rapaz acima.

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